Year    :2022-2024
Area   : Lahugala Village, Mahaoya, Ampare
Population in Village : 416 families
Funded by: GCJ headed by Hon. Shoo Iwasaki & Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka

Current Status
: At the outset, GCSL commenced excavation work for laying water pipes in 2022. These pipes were intended to serve a total of 193 families, comprising approximately 750 individuals. Consequently, clean drinking water facilities were successfully extended to all 193 families by February 15, 2023. Discussions are ongoing regarding the provision of similar facilities to the remaining families through collaboration with Mahaoya Regional Council.

Fourth Smart Water Project at Lahugala Village, Mahaoya, Ampara District of Sri Lanka.

Lahugala village, situated in the arid region, consists of 416 families and faces a severe shortage of clean drinking water. Before the water project’s completion, the residents lived in conditions where access to clean and safe water was lacking. The existing water sources were heavily polluted, leading to numerous illnesses among those who consumed it regularly, including conditions like diarrhea, cholera, and kidney diseases.