Message from Hon. Shoo Iwasaki, President of Green Cross Japan

It is not a coincidence that the national organization of Green Cross was born in Sri Lanka.  If we look back to the days of the end of World War II, we will find a clear reason why Green Cross Japan contributed to create Green Cross Sri Lanka. It is too famous historical fact that Sri Lanka was the first nation to raise her voice to save Japan who committed big criminal act in the war.
GC Japan, working as a board member of Green Cross International, came to know that a gentleman in Sri Lanka was interested in participating in the activity of Green Cross. We interviewed the gentleman and recognized his serious and sincere spirit to promote conservation of the environment in Sri Lanka. We consulted our then Founding President Mr. Michael Gorbachev, who immediately agreed to our idea and left the matter to Japan’s discretion. Since Sri Lanka becomes a member of the Green Cross, their activity has been expanding in various fields and places in Sri Lanka with full power to devote themselves for the welfare of local people and for nature. As a partner of international program, the Environment Diary Program has been promoted by GC Sri Lanka for many years with the support of GC Japan to give school kids a chance to learn and implement ecological life.
Through this program the relationship between Sri Lanka and Japan has tightened now to unbreakable level, gaining strong support from the government of both countries. It is our heartful pleasure to express that the tremendous development of this national organization is the fruit of tireless effort of our colleagues in Sri Lanka lead by the President Dr. Jagath Senevirtane.
GC Japan is also very proud of the joint potable water projects which secure safe water to the people in remote villages and save the lives of children who suffer from water-borne diseases. The result of this project is remarkable and highly appreciated in Sri Lanka and internationally as well.
We sincerely wish that we can ever keep the torch of our warm friendship and move forward hand in hand for the sake of the global environment and for a better world.
Shoo Iwasaki,
President of Green Cross Japan,
Board Member of Green Cross International,
Director Of Asian Region Of Green Cross International