Year    :2018-2019
Area   : Tampitiya Village, Mahaoya, Ampare
Population in Village : 285 families
Funded by: GCJ headed by Hon. Shoo Iwasaki & GCI with the generous support   of Mr. Giorgio Armani’s Acqua for Life

Current Status
: GCSL completed this project month of September 2019. Currently, the villagers are using purified water.  So, there is no need to be so hard to find water now. They were able to carry out their daily activities very easily and they live very happily now.

Third Smart Water Project at Tampitiya Village in the Maha Oya, Ampara District of   Sri Lanka.

In cooperation with Green Cross Japan, the third Smart Water Project was implemented in September 2019 in Tampitiya Village (Ampara County) in eastern Sri Lanka. We have started to supply water to 285 households (about 1,300 people) in the village. Tampitiya village located in the dry zone with 285 families where is hugely deficient in clean drinking water. Prior to the completion of the water project, the residents were in an environment where dirty and unsafe water could not be secured. Available water was highly contaminated, and many residents who drank continuously became ill with contaminated water, such as diarrhea cholera, and kidney diseases.
The construction work of the above project has been commenced on 22nd April 2019 consequent to the negotiations conducted by   Mr. Tom  Kawamoto, Assistant to President of  Green  Cross Japan as directed by  Hon.  Shoo Iwasaki, President of Green Cross Japan.