Year   :          2017 to 2018
Area   :   Mahawelithanna Village, Welikanda, Pollonaruwa 
Population in Village: 230 families
Funded by:  GCJ headed by Hon. Shoo Iwasaki & GCI with the generous support of Mr. Giorgio Armani’s Acqua for Life

Current Status
:  This village is a very remote village in the Polonnaruwa district. At the time we commenced this project, there was not sufficient and pure water. The villagers had to walk a long distance to fetch the water. However, now the villagers are really happy because they have enough drinking water in their homes.


Second Smart Water Project at Mahawalithanna Village in the Welikanda, Polonnaruwa District of   Sri  Lanka


For the second step of our Smart Water Project, Mahawaritana Village in dry zone of Polonnaruwa was identified as the severe shortage of clean drinkable water in remote villages in Sri Lanka and implemented the drinking water projects.
In our capacity as the implementing organization of the above project activity, the Memorandum of Understanding was officially signed on the 07th of March 2017 between Green Cross Sri Lanka and Divisional Secretariat at Welikanda. Dr. Jagath Seneviratne President signed on behalf of Green Cross Sri Lanka and Mr. H.S.K. Jayarathna Bandara, Divisional Secretary of Welikanda signed on behalf of the Divisional Secretariat at Welikanda. 
The construction work of the above project commenced on 5th April 2017. After an investigation at the project site by Nisha Engineers, a suitable place was selected by us to construct the tube well. But after the commencement of construction work, we observed that there was no sufficient groundwater in that location. And also, the pump test report was negative in that location. According to the report, the water flow came to a complete stop within 30 minutes from the start of the pump test. Due to the reasons mentioned above, we investigated a new location and commenced construction for a second well on 3rd of May 2017. We did a second pump test at the new place on around 15th of May 2017. Fortunately, it was a success and enough good quality water was available. Thereafter, the construction work of the water tank and other required construction works started, and we have completed all the work of the project in April 2018.