Consequent to the motivation by the officials of Green Cross Japan Mitsui and Co. Ltd agreed to fund the program from 2009 for two years. This allowed us to expand the program to cover 30 schools. In addition, it was also decided to print the Guidebook in Sri Lanka after translating the same in Sinhala. 
Advocacy activity was vigorously made by GCSL staff members visiting schools, involving government/municipal officials for their support so that we could proceed with this program on a large scale. 
In this connection, Mr. Kuwahara of Green Cross Japan visited Sri Lanka and participated in motivational programs at 15 schools along with the staff of Green Cross Sri Lanka. The students of Grade 5 along with the teachers attended the motivation programs on writing of the environment diaries. On this occasion the visitor and the Green Cross staff members called over at the Ministry of Education to appraise the Hon. Minister of Education and Officials of the Ministry on the successful program carried out in the government schools of Sri Lanka from 2005 onwards every year for the offer of trip trips to three winners for Japan and a teacher. At this conference, the grant of approval by the Education Ministry for conducting the program was highlighted vide approval number ED/01/12/10/01/03(V) of 28/04/2009. 
The second stage of the competition on writing of essay and a speech by a total of 100 students who were selected was held on 31st October 2009 at the auditorium of Prince of Wales College at Moratuwa where a further 3 winners were selected for participation at the GCJ Award Ceremony in Japan held in Tokyo in December. The award ceremony took place on 11th November 2009 at the auditorium of the National Youth Services Council Centre at Maharagama for the awarding of Air tickets, certificates, gifts, etc. to the winners. 
As a side event, a contest of short dramas by school kids was also held, by which other kids /teachers /parents visually recognized the importance of environmental protection.