Green Cross Solar Park - 2007
In order to reconstruct the deserted seashore after the attack of “Tsunami”, it was planned to construct a clean park with solar powered park lights. It would give the citizens of Colombo a safe place to relax even after sunset and ascertain how renewable energy works.
The project on the construction of a park at the sea beach of Wallawatte in Colombo was possible due to the grant of funds by Green Cross Japan with a donation of twenty Solar Panels and equipment for Lighting the Park. After obtaining the approval of various governmental authorities of Sri Lanka such as the Director General of the Department of Coast Conversation, District Secretary of the area, etc, the construction work of the park was commenced in February 2007.
The construction included earthmoving, renovation of the cottage, water and power supply, construction of pavement, tree planting and installation of solar powered LED lights. The installation of the lights was supervised by GCJ staff and an engineer sent from Japan completed the work in 5 days.