Donation of an Aesthetic Unit for Anuradhapura Aluth Halmillewa Vidyalaya in Padaviya - 2018
Aluth halmillewa Vidyalaya is in a very difficult remote area located in the Padaviya educational division of Kebithigollewa Zone in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The School was founded in 1951 and currently has a students’ capacity of around 300. 
The students in the school are clever and the teachers are always motivating them to achieve their targets. One or two students gets through the Grade V Scholarship exam every Years and the students of this school were able to get the First rank in the G.C.E (O/L) exam in the Provincial and district Levels in 2014, A 65/38% Percent Students of the School Passed their G.C.E (O/L) in the Year of 2017. 
The government has appointed a new dancing Teacher recently for the School, but the School was unable to provide them a Suitable Place for their lessons. Therefore, the Principal requested a donation from us to construct a building for the Aesthetic unit of the School.  
A decision to aid the School to construct an Aesthetic unit was taken as a result of a discussion held between the Advisory Board of Green Cross Sri Lanka and the Mitsubishi Corporation. 
Officials of the school has used the money usefully and they have completed building it in a short time. Not only that they have started the constructions of the roof of the building in one month.  
A request has been made for the sufficient funds to complete the roof of the building through the budget proposal of Environment Diary Program – 2018.The Aesthetic unit was opened by the Director of Green Cross Sri Lanka Ms. Hasitha Walpola on 27th of November 2018.