According to the Green Lane Project, first we started the Art competition which was held on the 22nd of June of 2019 at KIU premises to commemorate World Environment Day 2019.  There were eighty students and forty schools participated in this occasion.
The children were given one and half hours for drawing and coloring their own Arts under the theme of “Together We Are Eco-Friendly”. After the lapse of the period given to the students, the arts drawn by the competitors were collected by our staff members to be evaluated. Students were selected as Best five students and ten Special Merit students and ten Merit Students. According to the advice and guidance of Mr. Kuwahara, the top five winning students have been given chance to participate in the Kao International Art Competition in Japan. 
On the completion of the work by the printer, we received a total of 8014 printed books from each category on 16th June 2019. The staff members of our organization along with others who provided services on a volunteer basis. We visited all the school in Colombo and Kalutara and distributed the books on 17th and 20th  of June 2019 to each school according to the number of students of Grade 5 classes under the acknowledgment by the teachers. The school children who received the diaries will start writing them from 24th June 2019 and complete the same on the 08th of September 2019 and during the period of writing the diaries, the staff members of our organization visited the schools in the month of September and monitored the work done by the students and clarified questions raised by the students as well as by the teachers.
According to the yearly plan, the evaluation of all written diaries evaluated by a team of undergraduates of the university for the selection of one hundred outstanding diaries for the competition of Speech and Essay contest. The competition was held on the 05th of October 2019. After that, we selected the 10 best students, and we visited their homes for supervision of their activities and did the Final Interview and selected the final four winners and a teacher. Our 15th Award Ceremony was held on 09th November 2019.