Welfare Projects - 2005
Establishment of a library and Eco community center at Sunandopananda school at Moratuwa
The activity of GCSL started with the project to install a Library and Eco Community Center in a school that suffered heavy damages by the 2004 Tsunami incident.
The activities regarding the establishment of the library at Sunandopananda School in Moratuwa is “ongoing” used by the students of the school for enhancing their knowledge in various subjects with special emphasis on environmental conservation and protection. In addition, the Eco-Community Centre at the school is also functioning satisfactorily assisted by the staff members of Green Cross Sri Lanka and teachers of the school.
Tree Planting Campaign
School tree planting campaign was started commemorating the commencement of projects. The planting campaign inaugurated in 2005 is “ongoing”. In October 2007 officials of Green Cross Japan headed by Hon. Shoo Iwasaki, President Green Cross Japan visited Sri Lanka along with a delegation of fifty distinguished officials and invitees for the opening ceremony of Green Cross Solar Park and on this occasion the visitors  carried out a fresh planting campaign by planting a large number of saplings at the premises of the school graced by Hon. Jeewan Kumaranathunga, Chief Advisor of Green Cross Sri Lanka and Minister of Lands and Land Development. The Japanese visitors along with the teachers, parents and the students planted the saplings with the installation of name boards showing the name of the person who planted each tree.